We All Mac

Apple had their summer Mac product press conference today - actually it’s still happening as I’m writing this. Not much interesting so far, a new iMac, a new keyboard and a lot of talk about iPhoto focusing on the integration with .Mac right now. Since I’m not and most likely never will be a .Mac subscriber, it’s not really relevant.

The new iMacs, available in 20-inch and 24-inch versions, have new hardware specs and they look slimmer. I never really like the iMac design anyway, they should’ve crammed the necessary hardware behind the screen instead of under it. The new keyboard looks nice, but from the picture I saw, it looks like it comes without a numeric pad? That can’t be, probably something with the picture.

Right now the Steve is presenting iLife ‘08. Boring. I got the iLife package with my MacBook Pro, but it’s not software I really need. I’m using iPhoto to transfer images from my camera and that’s pretty much it.

The crowd is applauding every little thing. Steve uploads a video, yay! Steve creates a slide show! Hooray! God…I mean “Steve”, creates a web page! All hail King Steve! Ah, come on…

Now GarageBand is being presented. Could be interesting if I ever learn to play the guitar. My problem is that I’m having too many hobbies in the loop and too little time. I guess that’s the case for most of you. Perhaps I should quit being a nerd and become a rock star instead. Then again, if I ever become a rock star, Logic would be a better choice.

It was a very quick GarageBand presentation, nothing new really. iLife ‘08 is available today and will be shipped with all new Macs, starting today. You probably feel pretty damn screwed if you ordered your new Mac yesterday.

Next up is… iWork. I think I’ll watch a little TV.

And that was it, no more new stuff from Apple this time.

This turned out to be live blogging even though that was never the intention. But it never was live since I wrote everything in TextMate before I posted it, so consider it a live blogging session rerun. How did I manage to live blog an event I never attended? I watched Engadget’s live blog.


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