Nah… You didn’t get any updates yesterday, did you? But, hell, who cares - as long as you get an update today?!

Not much has happened the last week. My team played another basketball match, and lost by a lousy 6 points. Mostly because we played like shit in the second period. To my defense, I have to say that I didn’t play much of that period. Yeah! Much of my time this days goes to the project, the rest I’m sleeping, eating, practicing or spending with Stine. We’re back to where we were when I left for Brazil - or at least close to it. Which is good. I guess.

I’ve been playing a little Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit II, it’s nice for just blowing off steam and driving really fast to get away from the cops. But very little else.

A couple of days ago, I convinced some old pal, Roar, to start crunching SETI@home work units using my account. I’m not sure how active he is, but everything helps. In less than 24 hours, I - and all my account buddies - will pass 1000 processed WUs. Yay!

Let’s make a deal. If you start using the talkback, I’ll start posting every single day, even several times a day, add new and intriguing features to the site and even write a couple of reviews for the consumer section. I’ve got a buttload of new albums I’ve bought, I’ve seen a few movies and even played a couple of games.

Sounds like a plan, eh?