Weak Week

This week has been interesting. Sort of. Not in the sense that I’ve swamped you with thrilling entries, rather in the sense that my work life has taken an interesting, yet - at least at the moment - incredibly annoying turn. Nothing is official yet, I’ll keep you posted and let you know what the hell I’m writing about when I’m in a position to tell you.

Of other things that happened this week, I should probably mention that…

  • Hans Olav and Frida moved out and into their own apartment. This will give them the privacy they prefer and the privacy we prefer that they have. I wish them both good luck, as moving in together can be quite the challenge. Not that I know anything about it, but at least so I’ve been told.
  • One of the people we thought would move in here decided not to and now we’re trying to find someone else. That’s what I would call indecisive. Thank you very much.
  • I’ve finished reading my first book - the kind printed on paper - in years. I read Erlend Loe’s “Doppler”, a mere 150 pages of incoherent ramblings. Just like the three other books I’ve read by the author.
  • I’ve made a $4,200 investment to give me something to do when I eventually quit - or get fired from - my current job. More about that in a week or two when I start seeing some results of the investment.
  • Cathrine will be working as a flight attendant on SAS European flights. So now you’re warned.

That’s about it.


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