I’m still pimping Canadian rock legend and the man who has something to say about most things going on in the world, Matthew Good. His new album, White Light Rock & Roll Review is released June 15. I want to pre-order it - like I did with the last three Matthew Good (Band) releases - but I’m unable to find the album anywhere on the web. There is one site where it might be available that I’m unable to check, Puretracks. Matthew has released the first single and a B-side on that site, but it’s for Canadian residents only - the whole site is actually unavailable to anyone but Canadians. And I haven’t seen the single, Alert Status Red, for sale in any online store either. Does this mean that the whole album will only be available for download? And only from Puretracks? WTF!? If you’re Canadian, please help me out. Is the single on sale in any record stores in Canada?

Since I’m already pimping stuff, I might as well tell you about swimp clothing. It’s a bit like my own www.vegard.net-wear project, only much better. If I was a Mac user and a commie, I would most certainly buy the Mac Warrior Above shirt. I’m not sure if I like the swimp clothing logo on the back of the shirts that much, but I can’t see it, so I really don’t care.

And that’s about it for tonight.