People are getting married left and right these days. This year me and Gine are invited to four weddings, but that did not stop us from going to one we were not invited to yesterday. It was not quite like in the movie “Wedding Crashers”, but still very enjoyable. Also, the bride told me it was an open reception, so I guess it doesn’t really qualify as “crashing”. On top of that we only went to the wedding ceremony, not the party itself - where it really takes off if you’re a wedding crasher. At least according to the movie, and if it’s in a Hollywood movie, it’s got to be true. We could have attended the party as well, but I had to head back to Oslo to continue to be on support duty, something that has entertained me a lot during the last seven days.

I know the couple that got married well, even though I haven’t really had much contact with them in the last few years. She is the one I’ve got the closest relationship with, we’ve spent a lot of time together, especially when things were really heating up between her and her previous boyfriend, who happened to be a very good friend of the guy who is now her husband. As you can probably imagine, there was a certain degree of drama for some time.

If I’m going to be completely honest here, and you come a long way with honesty, I have to admit I had a minor crush on this girl myself once. I even wrote a drunken rambling about it that you’ll find in the archives if you search around. Did she know? I don’t know. When things were looking really bad for her in terms of future relationships - at least in her eyes - we even agreed that if none of us were married at the age of 30, we should get married and live happily ever after. I didn’t remember that, but she reminded me after the ceremony.

I guess that deal is off.