Weekend Waster

For most of you it’s still Sunday, which means that it’s still weekend. For those of you who has entered “Monday” or “the working week”1 as it’s also called: Good luck with that. You consolation should be that you’ll hit the next weekend before the rest of us. And how did you spend the precious weekend? Personally, I wasted most of it, and to be honest, it actually feels a like a bit of a waste, too. I used to be able to waste an entire weekend without even thinking about it, but not anymore, it seems.

I did manage to drag my ass to the gym today, though, and had a great workout, too. On the first weekend of the new year, the NRK gym was totally crammed with people starting a new life. The weekends after that have been rather quiet and today I turned on the lights in the men’s locker room and the gym when I arrived and turned everything off when I left. Didn’t see single soul anywhere. I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday, but somehow managed to leave one of my jogging shoes at home. When I waited for the bus, it struck me that I might have left one of them at home, but shrugged it off and got on the bus to the gym. Bad move. Well, at least I got to ride the bus a lot and I usually enjoy riding the bus.

Among other things I’ve done this weekend is to play a little Company of Heroes, a great strategy game that I picked up at one of the many Steam sales last year. If you like WWII strategy games, it comes highly recommended; the single player campaigns, multiplayer and skirmish, which I prefer since I really can’t stand loosing at strategy games. Beat me in any other type of game, not a problem, but don’t beat me in RTS games! I have no idea why it is like this.

And that’s about it! Next week is crammed with social activities, it feels like I really need it.

  1. Or, as it’s also known, “the workweek”. Now even the yanks should be satisfied. ↩︎


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