When the ball-of-good-stuff starts rolling, it’s nothing stopping it, it seems. No, I didn’t take home the Jackpot in Wednesday’s lottery, as I’d hoped, but still: Yesterday I finally got a job, something I really didn’t think I would get in a while, and today I actually managed to find a place to stay in Oslo. I would never have thought that it would work out this easily but it did, and once again I have to thank a friend for the effort. It turns out that Suong’s kid sister, Therese, is living almost smack in the middle of Oslo, just 2 kilometers (about 1.2 miles) from where I’m going to work. She’s leaving her place for the summer, and I can rent the apartment from her from June 10 to August 11. And that’s about the two months I’m most likely going to have work. On top of that, I’m getting it for a ridiculously low price, only 2500 NOK (about $360 with today’s exchange rate) a month, and that includes electricity, which is rather uncommon. As far as I know, 2500 a month is a very good price in Oslo these days. Actually, it’s a win-win situation for the both of us, since she have to pay for the apartment anyway, even if she’s not there. The only downer is that there is no Internet connection, but I’ll live. I hope. But all in all, this is a bloody great deal, no doubt about it. I have to share bath and kitchen with two other people, but I’m not sure if they are staying there during the summer or not. Besides, it’s two girls.

Did I mention that it’s a win-win situation?

I’ve done a few changes to the site the last couple of days. The changes are quite small, but still noticeable to the trained eye. First of all, Ines Infame Innfall (.no) was added to the exits. The archives has been re-arranged so that it’s initially only displaying the last 20 entries, with an option to view the complete archives. I also made a page that displays all the nifty one-liners you see on the bottom of each page. It’s available through the about section. Just have a look, you’ll find it.

And on a side note: The new Radiohead album rocks! I’m really not much of a Radiohead fan, but Hail to the Thief is a great album. It’s in stores on June 10, but, hey, there is nothing wrong with pre-ordering the CD, is it? European citizens might find it more convenient to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk instead.