Well, this sucks bad...

It’s now 12:30 or so in the afternoon. I’ve been sitting here since eight in the morning, trying hard to get started. My motivation is far below zero, and I could seriously need a caffeine injection. I have given up on NetBeans for a while and I’m now trying to start on my project report instead, since I have to write that at some point anyway. Tapping code in NetBeans is more fun than writing a report, but I got tired of coding, too. More than once I crashed into walls and stumbled across problems that should be non-existent and things that should have been done in an hour have taken me days. It kind of breaks my motivation.

If I haven’t been able to write anything in half an hour or so, I’m going home.

I went to a lecture where the lecturer used some slides I made a few months ago for a short lecture I held (that really was a lot of “lecture”). I think I’m starting to get semi-dyslectic, as I spotted a few bad spelling errors laying around. I didn’t think you could get dyslexia, I thought it was something you had and could get rid of. But it looks like I was wrong.


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