Whale steak, anyone?

First of all, you’ve probably noticed this already – unless you just got our of bed – but I guess it’s worth mentioning; American forces claim to have arrested former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. No link for you this time, as you can surf along to any online newspaper and read the story there. Go to your own preferred source. Word on the street is that it’ll be a fair trail and that Hussein can choose his own defence – my best guess is that he’ll go with Norwegian Supreme Court lawyer Tor Erling Staff. This guy has been able to get his fair share of obvious bad guys out of the courts as free men.

And while we’re at the subject of whales. A great actor and media celebrity passed away yesterday, at the age of 27. The world will miss you, Keiko. I hope you’re all able to pick up my enormous amount of sarcasm in this paragraph, I really couldn’t care less about this animal. After having starred in one of the worst movies of the 1990s, a handful of nut cases decided that they wanted to use $20,000,000 plus to reintegrate Keiko with a pod of wild killer whales. They used the money to ship Keiko to Iceland. Where he stayed for a few hours before he swam a good 870 miles to a small Norwegian fjord. Well-spent money!

Anyway, the whale is now gone, the citizens of Halsa enjoy free whale steak and we shall never mention this ever again.

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  1. It was a bit funny to watch the interview an american tv station did with a representative from norwegian tv2. Seems a lot of americans is afraid norwegian whalers are gonna cut Keiko up in pieces and eat him raw as fast as they get the chance, before he could get a decent funeral…

  2. bring on the dead whale!!! I don’t have any objections that he died. hopefully the officials will have a real burial for him (that’s a heck of abarbecue… 6 tons of prime meat. bring it on! I could probably digest 2 punds pr meal. and that is two big meals pr day. so if we’re alot of volunteers we’ll having a great prechristmas party? let me know and I’m in. :-D