What Did The Nerd Do…

…when he got back home after drinking his first five beers in a really long time?

Well, he bought a domain name. Daniel over at waferbaby usually throws the annual April Fools joke. This year, waferbaby had turned into one of them domains that is just filled with links to content you might have been looking for when you entered the domain name. If you visited waferbaby, you were probably looking for “wafer babes”; skinny babes. the domain had turned into this,

Until last night, no one owned the domain. So I bought it.

I’m not sure why, but it seemed like a really good idea at the time – the five beers probably had something to do with it… Maybe I’ll make good money on the domain name some day, I’m a bit surprised there is actually any domains with the word “babe” in them still available.

For more April Fools hoaxes, have a look at the Wikipedia list.

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  1. Why do I suddenly have a craving for waffels, instead of babes? Does this mean there is something wrong with me? (apart from the obvious)

  2. Inspired by this exchange of waffle-related sentiments, I’ve gone to the drastic step of purchasing a waffle-iron. Would you and Gine (insert link to cast here) like to come and have waffles with me sometime? I can offer a wide variety of flavors to go with them; Marmalade, sugar, bananas, maple syrup and Norwegian brown cheese, which everyone calls goat-cheese, but most often isn’t. Btw, I noticed that I misspelled waffels/waffles in my last comment. Most likely because I ignored the friendly, squiggly, red line. I wasn’t expecting it, since I usually spell flawlessly ;)