Looks like this Sunday turned out to be one of those “Yeah, I know I’ve been up since nine, but what the fuck did I do all the time?"-days. Just to replay the day, I think I’ll try to recap what happened - at least the things I can remember:

  • Wrote a few pages on the project.
  • Had chats with Tor Olav, Tor-Erik (damn SETI copy-cat - more on this later), Klas, Kristin, Kine, Eirik and Terje.
  • Watched about two minutes of Wild Things. The right two minutes.
  • Got an SMS from Stine in Estonia. Nice.
  • Played a game where to point was to get as much hurt as possible when throwing yourself down some stairs.
  • Surfed.
  • Opened the front door only to discover that it was only 3 degrees Celsius outside. Then closed the door.

And that’s about. Need…to…get…life…

Regarding the SETI thing. I just think I have to give up on keeping myself ahead of Tor-Erik. It’s just too stressing. OK, if I did have the money to buy a kick ass cluster, I would have done so two days ago, but I need my money for food. Bummer. I’m way too competitive…

Surfing around today, I came across this site. I think a lot of people have a much larger need for attention than me. Although I am considering getting a webcam. Should I? Or would that just scare you off? I really don’t know.