What is your 18-year-old kid doing?

I find network security quite interesting. When big things happen, when Sasser, Netsky or Blaster and the likes are on the loose, I usually read up on them, try to follow their progress and I laugh at everyone who gets infected. I’ve yet to be infected by any of this, except for the one time I was dumb enough to let a fresh install of Windows XP stay connected to the Internet for a whole hour without the latest security updates. That resulted in a rather nasty W32/Nachi.A infection.

Now it seems like the surge of worms exploiting various Windows security flaws might stop for a while: According to various reports the guy responsible for both Sasser and Netsky has been arrested in Germany. It turns out some 18-year-old with a little too much time on his hand and intelligence in his brain (if you can put it that way) has made both of them on his home computer. And now he is facing five years or more in prison. I’ll say. This would not have been a problem in the first place if people could just update their Windows copies! Read all about it over at Slashdot. I bet his parents regret they didn’t allow him to download pr0n. That would’ve kept his mind off coding worms.

Since I’m already in the nerdy corner and I’ve probably lost half of you already, I’ll continue in the same lane.

I’m considering adding Atom support to the site. The RSS feed is rather popular – might just be search engine bots and crawlers indexing it, but in my book a hit is a hit. The Atom specification is still just a draft, so I think I’ll wait until it’s more mature. It’s an integration I’d like to do only once, not every time the draft changes.

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  1. so by your logic I would probably be able to program a virus ten times more advanced, harmful, and spreadable if I was denied all the porn I have been watching the last decade?
    he he….


    P.S. one of my favorites is still “CallGirl” with Sylvia Saint (produced by Private). Thanks a bunch to Roar! :-D

  2. “CallGirl”.. hmm.. don’t think I’ve seen that one.. :p

    I’m a fatefull user of your RSS feed V.. I use JPluckerX to put it and a few other selected sites and feeds on my palm.. you never know when you need som entertainment and then it’s good to have Plucker at hand.. :p ..

  3. Klas, by my logic you would’ve been the new Bill Gates by now.

    .beldin, as a user of my RSS, what could I do to make it even better? Currently I’m only pushing out the first paragraph of each entry. Want more?

  4. JPluck is a bit more than just a RSS reader it also supports Atom or plain HTML. I’ve configured it to parse links in the feed so that I get the whole entry aswell as the feed page. It also resizes pictures. It’s somewhat similiar to AvantGo if your familiar with that service, excpt it’s free, open source and everything is parsed locally on you computer.. :)

    In other words; I’m a happy customer as it is.. :p .. but enough slacking about.. Time to get a little bit closer to that masters-degree.. Report writing is fun, fun, fun..

  5. Hey! I’m eighteen! This had better not be an attack on eighteen-year-olds!

    Though, to answer the question on my parents’ behalf, Ian is living in England for the time being. And working in a furniture factory. Ouch.