What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

Rise and shine. It’s Saturday, the short hand has yet to reach eight in the morning and I’m up and awake. I thought I had to help someone out with some work-related stuff, but as it turns out, they’re not online. So screw that.

I’ve been up rather early the last couple of weekends, not because of work, but because I’ve decided to try to get out of bed and do something fun when I have the chance. This “fun” usually means spending time in front of a computer or the Xbox, but I think it’s still healthy in it’s very own special way. At least it’s probably good for my mental health. In addition, the snow is about to melt outside, which means that I can soon start biking again without too much risk of dying, which in turn means that getting up early may also help my physical health. It could really need some help now, it’s been ages since I exercised.

Getting up early also means that I can do Vegard-stuff while The Girlfriend is still asleep (or at least she’s trying). It’s not as freaky as it might sound, though, “Vegard-stuff” is the same as “fun” mentioned above. She’ll probably still has to live with me trying to get her addicted to Xbox games while we’re together, but she’s getting away with a light treatment compared to what she would have had to go through if I’d been sleeping all morning. I did, to a certain degree, get her hooked on Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and it could be that I have even more success with my latest acquisition1, TOCA Race Driver 3. As you know, I like driving games, but I’m usually not a great fan of circuits, I prefer to roam free. Still, there’s a good chance that TOCA 3 might be a great game because of the variety:

70 licensed cars, 80 licensed tracks, and more than 35 disciplines of racing; two distinct career modes that should keep you busy for a while; great graphics and sound; online play is nicely customizable, and a lot of fun; the amount of realism in the damage modeling, physics, and opposing ai is delightful.

Yay! So far I’ve seen Formula 1-ish cars (it’s probably not Formula 1 because of the licensing issues), monster trucks, factory cars and rally cars. Kewl. I’m so easy to please…

Sidenote: It looks like my |337 PHP-skills has failed again - the calendar (the one to the right) thinks this entry was written March 17. That’s so wrong…

  1. OK, so technically I don’t own the game yet, but I will soon if I can find a copy in a store. I tried for a while yesterday, but it wasn’t easy. A bit strange, really, since the game was only released a month or so ago. “Just download it from the internet”, you say? We’ve been through this one before, kids… ↩︎


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