It looks like my l33t prediction skills kicked in once again. I was pretty sure I had to work a lot again; the two first days at work this week has been 11+ hours. OK, so I guess that wasn’t the hardest thing to predict since we’ve a deadline coming up. I also predicted that I wouldn’t hear squat from my Saturday date, and I was right. Oh, well, I still have this feeling that it doesn’t matter. Which is good.

When the ex-girlfriend left, I promised myself that I would be back on the dating wagon no later than February next year (which is this year now), it’s nice to have someone you can make really happy on Valentines Day, for instance. I did start dating before February, like planned, but I still haven’t been on a date where I’ve left with the feeling that I really, really want to meet the girl again. They’ve been OK, but I haven’t really felt the magical spark in the air, and I haven’t exactly got the impression that they’ve felt it either. Maybe next time. But I doubt that next time will be before February 14.

And while we’re on the subject of my predictions; there is an interesting story over at CNN:Journalist: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran. Allrightythen…