When time flies…

It’s now close to 8 in the evening, and I ask myself: “What did I do for the greater good today?” The answer is simple: Nothing. Actually, I’m not sure if I did anything useful at all today. Not even for the smaller good.

* I tried to write a review but lacked the inspiration and wits needed to write a good one
* I migrated from the graphical to the command line version of the SETI@home client too boost the WU crunching process a little. Supposedly, the command line client is about 10% faster than the graphical version.
* I started considering building myself a cluster to really boost the crunching. I read a lot about clustering using Linux. If I had the time, space and money (the usual issues), I would set up a kick ass cluster tomorrow. Check out these pages for some interesting information: Brahma at Duke | HELICS | Linux Terminal Server Project | MOSIX | OpenClusterGroup.org | PC Cluster Consortium | SCYLD Computer Corporation | The Boewulf Project | LinuxBIOS | The Prime Monster. If you have an interesting link let me know. Thanks.
* Categorized a bunch of articles for the project.
* Took a nap.

And that’s about it. Should I be worried?

By Vegard Vines Skjefstad