Where am I?-logo from the Smashing Retro Icon Set: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/02/12/smashing-retro-icon-set/
We all know of the feeling of suddenly waking up and having no idea where we are. Right? But that all change now with the release of the Where am I?-application, a one-click, no-fuss tool that will tell you what you need to know; where you are.

The application can be particularly useful if you’re Narcoleptic and have friends that take advantage of this by moving you halfway across the country before you wake up.

Disclaimer: GPS or network location required. Might not work too well in all areas around the globe. You should not rely on this application for anything.

Download from Android Market.

Scan the following QR code with your Android phone for a direct link to the market (Barcode scanner is a great tool for this):

Where am I? QR code