My subscription the The Rat Race was extended by another two months today. August 15, October 1, December 31, and now February 29. It gives me a little breathing space. I’m actively looking for a position that’s a little bit more secure. But this will do for now.

Tonight I would like to bring your attention to two undervalued features of this marvelous site you’re currently visiting - my fabulous tiny corner here on what you people so amusingly call “the Internet”. You’ll find both these very usable features on the archives page. First, it’s the search feature. You can search through the archives and find all those favourite entries easily! You can also see what other people search for (right now Hallvard is responsible for five of the searches, guess which). Can you ask for more? Yes, you can! Categories! A load of the entries are now filed in various categories, so if you want to quickly find all the posts with free hardcore XXX teenage barely legal pictures and videos in them, you simply select that category and - behold - free pr0n!

DISCLAIMER: Not all the entries have been filed yet, it’s tedious work and I don’t have the money or bananas to hire a trained monkey to do it. And if you got here from, say, Google, because you searched for free hardcore XXX teenage barely legal you dirty old man, you, then I have to disappoint you. I’ve got nothing like that here.

The heading of this entry really doesn’t make any sense because I wrote it when I thought I was going to write about something else than I did. Maybe later. There will probably be no update tomorrow as I’m going out on another one of those Christmas dinners.