Vegard Skjefstad

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White Skies

Today the first snow of 2005 fell from the sky. According to the Mobog archives, it’s almost a month earlier than last year. Global warming is a fraud, engineered by the environmentalist to raise more money so they can buy time share apartments in Spain.

Through work I’ve got access to a buttload of servers, most of them with dual Intel Xeon processors running at 3GHz and above. Since we’re scaling gradually and buying new servers whenever a box reaches a certain amount of constant CPU load there is a lot of spare CPU cycles on the boxes. I have to admit that it’s very tempting to install BOINC on these servers. Just imagine how many work units a 3GHz Xeon CPU could
process in a day! And the nerds rejoiced! In theory I could probably install the software on every server and no one would ever notice – that’s the beauty of being System Administrator – but since it’s a production platform and we have SLAs that shouldn’t be broken because of my sick needs to crunch numbers, I’ll probably refrain from doing it. That’s the problem of being a sane System Administrator…

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