White Skies.

Today the first snow of 2005 fell from the sky. According to the Mobog archives, it’s almost a month earlier than last year. Global warming is a fraud, engineered by the environmentalist to raise more money so they can buy time share apartments in Spain.

Through work I’ve got access to a buttload of servers, most of them with dual Intel Xeon processors running at 3GHz and above. Since we’re scaling gradually and buying new servers whenever a box reaches a certain amount of constant CPU load there is a lot of spare CPU cycles on the boxes. I have to admit that it’s very tempting to install BOINC on these servers. Just imagine how many work units a 3GHz Xeon CPU could
process in a day! And the nerds rejoiced! In theory I could probably install the software on every server and no one would ever notice – that’s the beauty of being System Administrator – but since it’s a production platform and we have SLAs that shouldn’t be broken because of my sick needs to crunch numbers, I’ll probably refrain from doing it. That’s the problem of being a sane System Administrator…

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  1. we might very well experience a colder climate in Norway due to global warming. the theory is that freshwater from greenland might stop the Gulf current, which would make the climate here more similar to northern Canada or Greenland.

    come on! install BOINC. do it do it do it do it!


  2. Klas, I believe that Newton had a story on this a month ago or something. Studies shows that there is more salt in the ocean now than 10 years ago. And that we should not worry about the Gulf Current. At least not for the next 100 years :) And I guess we are dead by then…

  3. Hehe… bonvoyage Ola.. (wohoo I was able to use one of the french words I learnt in Pau)

    oh and be nice with the senioritas…. :p

  4. If you’d looked at the page I linked to in the previous post you would know that global warming is caused by the decreasing number of pirates in the world (no “music-pirates” doesn’t count).. :)