Ensjø subway station, Oslo, Norway.

Yesterday the first real snowfall finally came to Oslo. It’s been snowing before this winter season, but it’s only been around for a couple of hours or a few days at best before it’s been gone again. But this time it looks like the snow will stay for a while. According to the forecast, the temperature won’t suddenly increase by 10 centigrade, but stay in the blue (or at least not very high in the red) for at least a week. Of course, weather forecasts can’t be trusted anymore than the guys who claim to know anything at all about the stock market, but I decided to give the weather man the benefit of the doubt and hereby officially declare this winter season’s bicycle season for closed.

Yeah, I’m a sissy. I could have bought studded tires for my bike, even more warm clothes and faced Anemoi head on, but instead I opted for a public transportation travel pass valid for a month. It will set me back less than a pair of decent studded tires and it’s always good to spend a month or so each year using public transportation just to remind me how great it is to ride my bike whenever I can. Today wasn’t all that bad, though, it wasn’t too crowded and the number of crazy and/or intoxicated fellow passengers wasn’t higher than expected.

I also took the liberty of taking the featured picture when going home from the gym last night. I tried to get it symmetric, but it turned out quite messy and it wasn’t very easy to hold my Galaxy Tab steady in the freezing cold. But the picture has snow in it!