I don’t.

So, I’m back from Trondheim. I had a good time as always. The last time I went to Trondheim I met Klas, but I failed to mention it in an entry when I got back, which resulted in a little friendly bitching. This time I’ll remember to mention it - I met Klas. And his wonderful girlfriend Ragnhild. And Kjetil. And Hallvard. And I had a good time.

While we’re on the subject of bitching. I seems like the #1 tool for people with a slight social disorder - people like me, that is - MovableType has been released in a new version. With the new version comes new licenses and new prices. I’m not that familiar with MovableType, but from what I think I know it used to be free for any use. Now you suddenly have to open your wallet to use it. It’s still be free for the common user, but some people have to pay big money to use it. Mark Pilgrim is one of them.

But what do I care? I’m using my own CMS. And it’s totally free! It’s buggy, hard to configure and the code looks like a complete mess. But it’s free! A new version of Blogger has also been released. it seems.

And the people over at Cali es Cali are still posting nice pictures.

Cali es Cali