I called about the job today; had to call three times before someone picked up the phone. The guy I talked to said that they have had so much to do since we talked that they had not found time to discuss if they should give me the job or not. But they were going to discuss it tomorrow, he said, and one of them would probably call me back in the afternoon. So you still have to keep your fingers crossed for me. I do, and it’s fucking hard to write like this, you should give it a try.

Tonight I probably secured myself, financially speaking. Earlier today I bought a lottery ticket in one of those national lotteries. I usually don’t do that, but every time it’s a Jackpot, they’re able to suck me in. I certainly wouldn’t mind the 10,000,000 NOK (about $1,447,261 with today’s exchange rate) in the Jackpot. The draw was about 45 minutes ago, and I haven’t checked the results yet, but I’m pretty sure I won. If I did, I won’t tell you. Or maybe that would draw some more traffic to the site?

Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Matthew Good again, and time and time again it strikes what a musical genius this man is. You should listen to him, too. Or else you’re just dumb. Dumb, you hear?