Why do all music sites use Flash?

It’s the 6th of June. It’s 60 years since D-Day, it’s Sweden’s national day (are you celebrating, Klas and Tomas?) and it’s only a few more days until Matthew Good’s new album is released. I pre-ordered it from some site a while ago, and just realized that 200 autographed copies of the album had just recently been sold from his official online store. Though luck, having an autographed Matthew Good album would’ve rocked big time. There are two new videos on his site, you’ll need Apple QuickTime to view them and the god damn Flash player to access the site. For the two of you who have done like me and uninstalled the Flash player, here’s a direct link to the videos.

While we’re on the subject of music, I would like to recommend Ostinato. They play what their record label calls “space rock”. Good stuff, but it was hard to track down they album. I had to order it from some German store that didn’t take credit cards, only direct money transfers to their bank account. I’m not sure if I ever get the CD, but it is certainly worth a try. One of their songs is getting some rotation on radio.wazee. They’re generally playing a lot of good stuff, highly recommended.

Today I had the time to do a few things I should’ve done a long time ago: I replaced the winter tires on my bike with summer tires, and I attached a long cable from the stereo to my computer to the wall. It’s been laying on the floor for ages, it’s a miracle I haven’t tripped and pulled both the laptop and the stereo with me. They’re not tasks that would’ve taken much of my time, but I just never got around to do them.

The observant visitor will probably notice that I also updated Kine’s cast entry, added Atom support for syndication and updated the About section.


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