I managed to do it again. After basketball practice today, I came out to another flat bike tire, the front wheel this time. It all started a week or so after I returned home from Brazil, when I had two or three rapid blowouts. Since that, I’ve had six or seven in total. I’ve lost count. I guess I should be mad, but it’s just a little funny. Why me? The good thing is that I’m getting pretty good at fixing flat bike tires. Maybe I should take the opportunity to change to my winter tires while I’m at it.

Today I took my bike (before I had the blowout) down to my local computer store to get some compatible memory modules for my Mini-ITX system. The new modules set me back an extra $40, but they worked well, and I’m now the lucky owner of a sexy little Linux-box with 1 GB of RAM. Well, actually, it’s just a unusable box with a hell of a lot of RAM at the moment, since there is no operating system installed. I tried to install Gentoo Linux, but failed to do so. After setting up the file system, downloading and compiling the necessary packages (which took all of last night), compiling the kernel, the system now restarts every time I try to boot. I can’t bother to go through all the steps again, so now I’m heading for an even harder project Linux From Scratch. Whish me luck, I’ll keep you posted. I’ll probably end up installing Debian again.