Why Record Stores Ain’t That Cool Anymore.

Today I spent about an hour in a record store up the street. I’ve been playing a good twenty one hours of Burnout 3 on my Xbox now, and there are a lot of good tracks in the game. So I went to the store to see if I could find any albums by some of the good bands.

No luck there.

Out of the fourteen band names I’d scribbled down on a piece of paper, I found only one album, and to top it off, it wasn’t the album I was looking for. After a bit of browsing, I came across The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot, a band I’ve heard when listening to the awesome radio.wazee. I tried to listen to the album in the store, but it was more or less impossible. The headphones were terrible with no bass and I had a huge loudspeaker above my head pumping out gangsta rap.

I doubt that I’ll go to a record store in a while, unless there is an album I know I want that I know they have. If I’m just going to check out various bands, I might as well look up their web sites in the internet and browse through their discography there. Better sound, less hassle.

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  1. Hey.. I’ve been doing that for years.. I also buy my records online.. mostly since Grimstad is a backwater town and thus the record stores (yes we have more than one) charge enough money to buy a small island or something.. .

  2. Hey, if you’re looking for a new band to listen to, why not try the hunt? You may be hesitant, and I suppose I can understand that, but then I did follow that Markdown link so I could do a nice job of presenting this invitation to you (and anyone else who comes across it).

    By the way, I know damn well why you’ve removed the link to my site, and I’m wholly in favour of it, but when and why did the link to waferbaby get canned? I’m sure it was there once

  3. I’ll check them out. With song titles like “Bitter Nude Pig”, how can this possibly be anything but great stuff?

    I removed the baby because I felt I needed a break from it. Might appear again soon, I dunno. I visit it occasionally, but it’s not a daily thing at the moment.

  4. For CDs mostly, and for DVDs I like,,,…