Why Record Stores Ain’t That Cool Anymore

Today I spent about an hour in a record store up the street. I’ve been playing a good twenty one hours of Burnout 3 on my Xbox now, and there are a lot of good tracks in the game. So I went to the store to see if I could find any albums by some of the good bands.

No luck there.

Out of the fourteen band names I’d scribbled down on a piece of paper, I found only one album, and to top it off, it wasn’t the album I was looking for. After a bit of browsing, I came across The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot, a band I’ve heard when listening to the awesome radio.wazee. I tried to listen to the album in the store, but it was more or less impossible. The headphones were terrible with no bass and I had a huge loudspeaker above my head pumping out gangsta rap.

I doubt that I’ll go to a record store in a while, unless there is an album I know I want that I know they have. If I’m just going to check out various bands, I might as well look up their web sites in the internet and browse through their discography there. Better sound, less hassle.


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