Will Make You A Manager

So, boys and girls, what’s up? On Monday and Tuesday I worked a total of twenty seven hours. Today I went home after ten. I guess that explains the lack of entries over the last couple of days.

Lucas seemed like a healthy, young man. Being just a week old, his contribution to the world was mostly belching and screaming. But, hey, being an uncle kicks ass no matter what. I’m not sure if Lucas enjoyed being my nephew as much as I enjoy being his uncle, because he really didn’t like me being any closer than two feet. Little kids just don’t like me. At a distance, they tend to stare a be very quiet, as soon as they get too close, they start screaming. Little kids probably smell evil. Also, my biological clock is still ticking slowly, I really didn’t get the urge to get a kid when seeing Lucas, so right now being an uncle is nice, but the thought of becoming a father is still very distant to me. I think that’s a good thing.

As you probably figured out from the Mobog (which I’ll probably rename Moblog soon), I went to a Kent concert on Saturday with Kine and a friend of hers. The concert was OK, because it was Kent and they were able to entertain me. The band had a hard time with the crowd, a lot of kids who have only heard the latest album and when they played really old song, most of the audience had no real reference to the music. But since I know most of their material, I had a good time. They even played VinterNoll2. Great piece of music.

Which reminds me that I need to buy the new Foo Fighters album.

And I guess that’s about it. I’ve not been able to do anything not related to work the last three days, so therefore there is nothing interesting to report either.


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