Boxing day is usually one of the better things about going home for Christmas. Lots of people go out to drink and have fun, and it’s usually the one night in the year that you meet people you knew from high school who is also home for Christmas.

But this year it was not meant to be for my part. Me, Kristoffer, Roar, Tomas and Klas warmed up at Håkon’s place where we had some drinks and a few laughs. After that we went downtown, where I realized I had no cash with me. Which is usually not a problem. In a civilized town. There are 4 ATMs in downtown Notodden. All of them were out of order. So I had no money. Not a critical problem either, I could always lend money from someone to get in and leave my card in the bar for the drinks. But when I got down to club where everyone was, it was completely crowded and they didn’t let any more people in. And of course, everyone I knew was in there. It’s the place that everyone goes.

So I said “fuck it”.

And went home.