Some of you might remember that I applied for a job as a Senior Web-designer last week, read entry #343: The future of gaming looks polished to brush up on things if you feel a little bit off track. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough experience for that vacancy, but the same recruitment company was also working to fill an open vacancy as a Junior Web-developer. They called me, we discussed my grades, possible salary and other job-related stuff. So, last Thursday, my contact was attending a meeting with her client about the job and I got the impression that she would call me back on Friday and tell me how it went.

I didn’t hear a thing on Friday. So I sent her an e-mail on Friday evening, and today I got a reply. It turns out her client decided to interview three people for the position, unfortunately I was not one of them. And it didn’t sound like she’d planned to call me to let me know the outcome of the meeting either. Not that professional, but then again, as the IT-market is today, employers can afford to be unprofessional. The employees no longer run the show, to put it that way.

But even if things didn’t go my way this time, this is as close as I’ve been to getting a job so far.

Today I proof-read by report. I feel like I’m about to finish it now, and I think I’ll hand in one of the last preliminary reports tomorrow. After that I have to clean up the code, document it, and - if time allows - split my module into several sub-modules to make it easier to port it to various platforms. Sounds impressive, eh? I do my best to sound impressive.

People reading my site are bitching about my English writing skills. Wanna be my proof-reader?