Did you make it home for Christmas? This year, there’s a good chance you didn’t - at least if you’re somewhere in Western Europe. Snow, wind, ice and everything else that’s normally associated with the season are making a mess on the roads, on the rail and in the sky. Well, not that much in the sky per se, rather at the airports. So no car, no train and no plane for you!

So what about me? Oh, I made it home for Christmas. Public transportation in Norway has worked quite good this winter and there was only a slight delay in the bus service I used - but not more than was to be expected with the amount of traffic on the road. However, if you planned to take a train passing through the station at OSL Gardermoen Airport tonight, you’re out of luck. Someone left a note with a bomb threat on a train and now the station is closed down until further notice. This means that the airport express train and all other trains going through the station are canceled on the day of the year with the most travelers. Bad timing. Reading an article on the interweb about the event, I’m pretty sure I saw a familiar face in the crowd. Goes to show - once again - how incredibly small the world is. Or maybe I’m mistaken, the video was shot with a mobile phone and was quite grainy.

While we’re on the subject of the size of the world: TIL that the project lead at work has a cousin who is Anniken’s ex boyfriend. Six degrees of separation strikes again! Just recently, I also learned that TIL is a common abbreviation for Today I Learned. And now you learned it, too.

With that bombshell I’ll log off and wish you all a Merry Christmas!