Wireless sounds

Finally getting that Internet connection at home means that I can start streaming radio again. The last couple of months I’ve been limited to my CDs and my sparse collection of MP3s. But now the wonderful sounds of Radio Wazee are flowing through my loudspeakers once again. At work I’ve been listening a lot to Digitally Imported. It’s strange, I’d probably never buy a trance CD, but it’s great as background music when I do my WAP magic. I’ve been listening to Wazee for an hour or so, and I’ve already noted the names of three bands I’d like to check out further: Vertical Horizon, Dredg and Die Trying. The bad thing is that, of some strange reason, bands are almost exclusively using the Flash plugin on their sites these days, which means I’m having a hard time accessing them since I deleted the damn thing months ago.

Yeah, we ended up playing Risk as planned on Saturday. Ola has bought Risk 2210 A.D., which is like the original Risk, only much more. Too much. There are energy chips, commanders, nuclear cards and god knows what, and everything resulted in every round taking forever. We played for five hours plus, until one in the night, and in that time we played 11 or so rounds. I have to admit that I prefer the original Risk.

After I had lost everything in Risk, we went out to a small place called Barracuda at Torshov; Nice place indeed, with a lot of good looking girls who knew how to dance. I had two beers, and being rather tired, it felt like I’d had six. Cheap fun. I accidently told someone about my lack of girlfriend, which resulted in some girl I don’t know trying to hook me up with two of her friends. No, not at the same time. It’s a nice gesture, but this kind of arranged meet-my-friend-maybe-you-can-get-married-one-day-thing stresses me out.

Today’s plan was to fix my bike - again, this time my gears have started to malfunction because I greased the chain - but it’s raining cats and dogs outside and I’m really not in the mood to get all wet. Maybe tomorrow.

Camilla called me on Sunday. It sure was nice talking to her, it always is. She’s doing quite well at the moment, having a lot to do and spending quality time with her boyfriend. And I really hope it stays that way.


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