With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine

To quote Staind: It’s been a while. A lot of things have happened, if I had been myself while all those things happened, I could probably have written tons and tons of entries. I went to London. I went to Barcelona. I even went to Trondheim.

Those days are gone. My mood is on a rising curve these days, of reasons I really don’t want to discuss right now either. Maybe later. But if you know where to look, you’re able to figure it out yourself now.

There have been some changes to the site, too. Some sections have been removed, like the shop and the pictures. Those of you who bought Vegard-wear; congratulations, you are the proud owners of some very exclusive clothing. I also realize that the picture section was the most popular part of the site, but it was not updated very often and the design sucked big time. A replacement might come some time in the not-so-close future.

But I don’t just tear down, I also build. A buttload of new one-liners have been added, and I also completed a list of one hundred things I have to do before I die. Not points for originality, though. I added two new themes and removed the old ones except for one. You can also do a very simple search through the archives now.

The main point is that I’m now declaring www.vegard.net for re-opened, and to be honest, it feels quite good. Let’s keep it that way.

Tonight: Suede in concert.


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