WordCamp Norway 2012

Once upon a time I made a piece of blogging software written in PHP. Inspired by Blogger, I named it “Bugger”. Childish, but an appropriate name: It was a buggy bugger. Still, it did its job well and since I was the one responsible for everything, I had a rather intimate relationship with the code, making the software easy to extend when I needed new features. Open sourcing it was never an option, though, anyone else trying to maintain the code probably would have gone crazy - the curse of many one-man projects.

About three years ago, I called it quits, buried Bugger and switched to WordPress. To be honest, I’ve never looked back. WordPress is, like Bugger, written in PHP and has, unlike Bugger, a thriving community of developers and designers who release tons of WordPress themes and plugins. I’ve written a plugin myself, wp-days-ago and I’m hosting my own WordPress installation on VBOX.

In short; I like WordPress. Now I’m going to my first WordCamp in January next year. The first ever WordCamp in Norway will be held in Oslo, more information is available on the official WordCamp Norway site. The speaker list so far includes Isaac Keyet, John James Jacoby, ZĂŠ Fontainhas (all three Automattic employees), Magnus Jepson (WooThemes) and even a guy from my employer.

Right now there are only 58 54 48 tickets left so if you are an avid WordPress user, quickly grab a ticket - they are quite cheap - and get ready for WordCamp Norway 2012!


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