In about six month I have to find a job. By that time, after 5 years of studying, I should be Master of Computer Science, or at least have some Norwegian equivalent degree. I’ll also have about $25K of debt that someone wants back, with interest, of course, which should be a total of $50K or so. And no money for the lender means busted knee caps. But, as we all know, getting a job in the IT industry these days is a little like believing in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny at the same time - it’s not very likely to happen. Not the best metaphor, but I guess you get the picture.

Today I went to a seminar on how to sell yourself to an employer. I learned a few tips and tricks, the only problem was that two hundred other students also learned the same tricks. And these kids are a smart bunch, so I’ve got a lot of hard competitions for the jobs out there. Tomorrow and the day after, a lot of companies are coming to the university to present themselves and what they are doing. To my knowledge, only the minority of these firms are actually hiring, but what the hell, I’ll go anyway, There might be some free food.

But, in a worst case scenario - if I can’t find a job, yeah let’s all knock on some wood, knock, knock - I have a brilliant contingency plan. I’m not gonna tell you about it just yet, because if I do, you’ll all realize what a brilliant plan it is and steal it.

And here’s a picture that has nothing to do with the ramblings above, but which is a nice pointer to those involved in today’s madness in the guestbook:

Rock on, guys!