World’s most expensive FM radio?

After a few hours of patient waiting in front of the idiot box a.k.a. a television set, someone finally showed up at the door with my brand new Jens Of Sweden (Flash required) MP3-player. Oh, joy! It comes in a dead sexy, black metal cylinder with the Jens of Sweden logo in stylish silver fonts printed on the front. The player is tiny, and it could even have been a centimetre shorter if it wasn’t for the built-in USB connector. It’s a very clever idea, actually, since you don’t have to walk around with a USB cable in your pocket if you want download MP3 or WMA files from a friend’s computer.

It also comes with an FM radio, which worked very well, the auto scan quickly found all the local radio stations and the sound quality is very good. The voice recording feature also worked very well. And the MP3-player? I really don’t know, because my fucking Windows XP install is unable to find the drivers for the device and the player doesn’t come with any drivers because they are supposed to be in XP. I searched a few forums – that’s what geeks do when they’re stuck – and found that the files required by the player are actually on my hard drive already, XP is just unable to find them.

So now I’m stuck with a rather expensive FM radio and memo thingy. Does this smell of a Windows XP reinstall? It’s probably a bit rash to make a clean install of XP just to get the player to work, but there has been a while since I did a clean install, and since you’re probably a Windows user yourself – no, not you, Tor-Erik – you know that Windows has an urge to be reinstalled every other month or so.

Come to think of it, this is probably a revenge from Microsoft. If you’re surfing the Internet using the totally useless Internet Explorer browser – you’re probably doing that, too, unless you’re a just a little bit computer savvy – you’ve probably noticed that some of the themes look like rubbish. Or at least not very good. You’re also reminded on every page that you are indeed using Microsoft Internet Explorer. And you will be reminded of that until you install another browser.

I like to annoy Internet Explorer users.

Having said that, I don’t know how IE on the Mac behaves, and I wouldn’t mind a few screen shots if possible.

By Vegard Skjefstad

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I really don’t understand why people still use IE.. not when there are perfectly good alternatives out there.. like Opera or Firebird personally I’ve never liked Mozilla (or Netscape), but Firebird rocks.. Probably because they’ve taken the best things from Mozilla and remade it without all those bloated features (e.g. no mail, HTML editing, IRC and whatever else they’ve cramed into Mozilla).. Oh.. and by the way .. I still use Windows from time to time.. hehe.. mostly because I can’t get my “()#Β€/”)! WLAN card to work with the 2.6 Linux kernel..

oh my god, he’s back! hurrah!

that’s a bummer about the mp3 player; that would have to be one of the best-looking players i’ve seen (apart from my beloved ipod, of course :P). not to worry, i’m sure it’ll sort itself out. or at least, you’ll sort it out… :)

pleased to report that i’ve got an affirmative on the ie mac screenshot for you. well, “pleased” in that i’m glad i might be able to help, not so much pleased at using ie for mac… it’s not quite as bad as i find it on the pc, but safari is my browser of choice.

anyway, i’ll shut up now, and see about emailing you that screenshot. welcome back, once again. :)

d: I guess you’re using Safari. What about a screen shot from that browser? Would’ve been nice.

ian: Thanks for the screen shot!

.beldin: No OGG, just MP3 and WMA. I think it does Linux, but you need to do a little tweaking to make that happen.

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