I’m now in Trondheim, the Nex II MP3 players was waiting for me at the post office. I don’t think I’ve told you anything about them so far, expect a consumer review as soon as I’ve recoded the section to make it a tad easier for me to add new categories and other stuff.

I’ve slept for about 2 hours the last 24 hours, which is not enough for me, but I feel very good anyway. Maybe it’s because things are going may way for a change! If it wasn’t for the two exams comming up, the mood would be close to 80, I think. But thos exams are bringing the whole thing down. Bah…

As soon as my Dell arrives, if it ever does, we’ll start using my trusty old Compaq as the apartment file and web server. Of course, my ISP don’t allow us to open the servers for you guys outside our LAN, so it will mainly only be used by us for developement purposes, but I think I’ll add a tiny feature on this site to enable you to see what’s happening in my Winamp player at all times. Not the coolest feature, but fun for me.

Talking about my site, a WAP version is in the works. I think I’ll only enable you to view the last log entry, but considering the number of people out there actually using WAP, I don’t think I’ll hear much screaming about it. So far nothing is added, just a test page, get your WAP-enabled celluar pointed at wap.vegard.net to have a look.

Unfortunately, as mentioned before, the two upcomming exams take up much of my time the comming two-three weeks, so I won’t be able to do all this stuff right away, but I will need so brakes from the studying.

That’s about it for now.