After a few hours of sleep, we’re now back online. Roar is still nowhere to by found, but I guess he’ll eventually turn up.

My character, Skrukketroll, has reached level 10. If you have a level 10-ish character and wants to join our quest, we’re playing in the Draenor realm. I’m not sure if the realm names are the same on the US and EU servers, if they are we’re playing on the EU servers.

UPDATES (all times in CET):

21:47 - Level 13 and not far from 14. It’s about time to take a break.

19:09 - Level 12!

19:03 - After a little bit of food and a little bit of Formula 1, Skrukketroll returns Draenor.

18:04 - Almost reached level 12, but even a hero needs food every now and then.

16:45 - After another break WoWFest 2007 continues!

14:07 - Skrukketroll gets his revenge when he slays everyone in the Gnome village.

13:30 - Trying to buy some stuff from friendly-looking Gnomes turns out to be a disaster when they show their true nature…

13:14 - I’m back. What a god damn annoying thing this is.

10:28 - And then it’s time for another work-related break. A server has started to behave sub-optimal and someone needs to have a look at it. Of course that someone is me this weekend.

10:08 - Skrukketroll and his Imp (who now knows how to cast a range 2 Firebolt after a lesson with a friendly demon trainer) enters Elwynn Forest through Stormwind. Adwen is busy slaying back in the quarry.

09:51 - Killing rats, taking the deeprun tram. This is almost like taking the subway in Oslo.

09:18 - After a short break Skrukketroll is once again back in Daenor. I had to restart my Mac because the sound card wasn’t responding. Yes, I’m talking about the computer that never crashes and always works. Right.

09:10 - Skrukketroll is back in Draenor.