WoWFest 2007

We’ll be starting at around 8pm CET. I tried to put a counter up, but the thing didn’t work very well.

Anyway, the plan is to update this entry during the weekend. Make sure to keep an eye on the WoWCam (updated every now and then).

Did you fail to sign up for WoWFest this year? It’s not too late! Read this entry for instructions on how to participate.

UPDATES (all times in CET):

02:58 - Just reached level 10 and the sun is rising; nature’s way of telling you to go to bed. Good night!

02:23 - Our hero decides to have a look around all of Dun Morogh before taking the tram from Ironforge. A few Bonesnappers bite the dust at the Gol’Bolar Quarry.

02:08 - Skrukketroll decides to learn Alchemy and Herbalism. Is it a good choice? Time will tell.

02:01 - I’m getting tired.

01:41 - Skrukketroll and his Imp enter the Gates of Ironforge. It’s about time to find a warlock trainer.

01:35 - Exploring Frostmane Hold alone as a level 9 warlock was a really bad idea. Twice.

00:57 - Adwen falls asleep in Brenwall Village. That does not stop Skrukketroll and his Imp, who decides to move on.

00:23 - Some wolf with a bad temper almost kills them all!

00:11 - Skrukketroll is now level 7, soon 8 and has cleared most of the quests in Dun Morogh. Adwen, the Imp and Skrukketroll make a nice team.

22:53 - Skrukketroll learns the handy Summon Imp spell.

22:49 - It’s a miracle! Skrukketroll escapes the cave unharmed and with all the items he was supposed to collect!

22:29 - After a little work break I’m now taking Skrukketroll into the caves to the South East. Probably not a good idea alone…

22:00 - Skrukketroll, now level 3 - soon 4 - enters Anvilmar for the first time. Roar is stuck somewhere else in the realm.

21:38 - My gnome warlock Skrukketroll just reached level 2! Yay!

21:28 - After a little trouble with a mic, WoW is now launched!

21:07 - I’m back and we’re giving it another try. God damn servers and their DIMM slots….

19:08 - WoWFest2007 is postponed because of work-related stuff. Who would’ve thunk it!?


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