X-mas shopping

This week will probably be rather hard core work-wise. All this week - with the welcome exception of Friday - I’m having more learn-interesting-stuff-about-all-kinds-of-networks classes until three in the afternoon, After that I have to work a couple of hours, which results in me not being home until eight in the evening or something like that. Maybe even nine, which is a tad late for me. But on Thursday I’m leaving at four to meet a friend of mine who is coming to visit. You guess who. I’m not sure how much time I will have for updates in the next couple of days.

To make life a little easier for himself, my dad gave me a thousand Norweigian kroners to spend on Amazon.com so he didn’t have to shop for Christmas presents this year. I find the fact that I’m still, at the age of 25, getting Christmas presents - a free meal on Christmas eve should be more than enough - a little weird, but who am I to reject? For a while I considered giving all the money away to charity, or maybe send the money to one of the many kids who live far, far away and have nothing, except for sunny weather most of the year.

But instead I did end up wasting the money on Amazon. And thanks to the lousy American economy, it was amazing how much I did get for NOK 1000, about $151. Here’s all the stuff I bought:

Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design MySQL, Second Edition Mastering Regular Expressions, Second Edition South Park - The Complete First Season South Park - The Complete Second Season

Thank you, Mr. Bush, for leading your country straight out in the economic gutter. The only bad thing is that it’ll probably infect the European economy in the not-so-distant future and that Norwegian exports struggle to earn any money when the dollar is so weak compared to the NOK.

I bought the books because I’m a nerd using MySQL on a daily basis, enjoying web design, CSS, and (web) standards and have long since realized the power of regular expressions without being able to use them properly. I buy the South Park DVSs because South Park is fucking cool. Which probably also means that I’m a nerd.

Right now I just realized how little I really need the books and the DVDs. If I’m able to keep my job at NRK and get an extension of three months or more, I’ll buy one of those poor kids in Africa. Or maybe you don’t really buy them?

Perhaps you should consider this, too?


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