X2 mangles Daredevil. Without even blinking

Not the most eventful of days, this one. I’ve been reading for my end term exam all day, I know most of the syllabus already, since I had the class last year, but failed miserable on the exams and all. Because of that, time flew past, but the concept of reading for an exam is still utterly boring. Boring, boring, boring, I tell ya. No one is to blame but me, although, I would love it if I could blame it one someone else. Don’t we all?

X-Men 2 was an average to good movie, certainly worth the money I had to pay for my ticket - and that’s more than I can say for a lot of the movies I’ve seen lately. Once again, I would like to pull Daredevil out of the movies-you-should-avoid-hat. Oh, and let’s not forget Austin Powers in Goldmember, even if it’s a quite a while since that one was showing on the silver screen. Avoid all costs. X2, on the other hand, has some nifty special effects, just the right amount of punch and an extremely hot female villain played by Kelly Hu. Meow.

Snow. It’s not normally something you would expect to see in May, except if you’re living on the North Pole, of course. But when we came out of the cinema last night, it snowed like hell. I guess it’s not that much snow in hell, but when it eventually freezes over, it’ll snow like it did in Trondheim last night. It was like Christmas Eve all over again. Except that the snow melted as soon as it found the ground. It snowed a little today, too, so I had some entertainment while I was reading.

Tomorrow I’m visiting Kine for yet another photo session. I really hope that tomorrows pictures get better than the ones I took the last time, which all sucked bad. This time I’m bringing my newly acquired tripod with me. That means I can take some clear shots with long exposure. Good stuff.


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