New Xbox?
I suddenly realized that Roar - from now on we’ll just call him Dr. Xbox - probably had both a soldering iron and the skills to handle it since he’d been studying the art of messing around with electrical equipment in high school. And I was almost right. He didn’t have a soldering iron, but Øyvind had (yeah, he will be added to the cast at some point), so Roar took it with him and walked the long two hundred meters to my place.

It turned out a lot of soldering had to be done, and some of it was really tricky, too, Roar had to attach wires to places the size of atoms and he used a soldering iron the size of my hand. Almost. But after long hours of sweat, blood and tears, we were finally able to push the power bottom and see the blue light from the X3 logo on the front of the Xbox.

At one point we were pretty confident we’d broken the box. but with a little bit of HD locking, BIOS flashing, dashboard installation and praying, everything now seems to be working like it’s supposed to, and I’m a happy nerd.

For those of you who wished you could be here to witness the stunt, I documented it all in the Mobog. I’ve also included some of the pictures in this entry.