Xbox 360 First Impressions

While the others were eating sheep’s heads at Ola’s place last night, I played a few rounds of Project Gotham Racing 3 on his brand new Xbox 360. Wireless controllers sure are nice and the graphics are better than the old Xbox, the whole experience feels more stream lined and it was good fun - but not $850 worth of fun. At least not yet. As time goes by, there is a good chance that the games will get even better as the developers learn to exploit the box for what it’s worth. Just see how Burnout 3 Takedown and Burnout Revenge looks on the original Xbox and imagine what the Xbox 360 games will look like in a year or so.

But I very much doubt that I will buy a 360 in a while, at least not before someone is able to supply a good mod chip for it. Also, from what I understand, you’ll need a good HDTV to really see what the 360 is capable of, and I’m really not prepared to buy both a 360 and a new television.


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