After having yesterday off, I’m back in the usual routine, reading for yet another exam. And, as always, my motivation is almost nill. The reason is probably that I’ve been reading continuously for the last three month: Started reading right after I got home from Brazil, continued through the summer (combined with working). The good news is that it’s only two weeks left now. Goodie!

My Dell Inspiron has now been delayed yet another day, this time in the Netherlands, ETA is now Wednesday next week. Unfortunately, the delivery guys has not grasped the fact that I’ve moved and the portable is, according to their online tracking system, being delivered to my old address. I’ve e-mailed Dell about it, they said that they were going to fix it, nothing happened, I phoned their support department and they said they were going to fix it, nothing happened. We’ll see.

Me and Stine decided to give our relationship another go. I’m not quite sure where it’s heading, but I hope for the best. I really don’t want to look her in the eyes and break up with her again.

Hallvard bought himself a new 120 gig hard drive today, right now he is busy swearing and trying to get his PC up and running again. Downtown he also bought the other Papa Roach album for me, I’ll get around to review it some day. So far I must say it’s not as good as their latest release, reviewed here.