My phone is working again. All it took was for someone to unlock it.

Today was the first day of my Use-Easter-Vacation-For-Something-Useful-week. All the other lazy bastards have gone home for the Easter vacation, but I’m sitting here in Trondheim having a great time with my project report. Today I worked for seven hours, only interrupted by a chat with Tor-Erik, a few farfetched attempts on getting my phone to work properly, a few rounds of Space Empires IV, a short chat with Marte (whom you don’t know and whom I don’t know very well either, at least not yet), lunch break and some general surfing. So, if you take those seven hours I was down at the university, subtract the time I used on all the other stuff, I probably worked two hours or so efficiently. It’s just not good enough and I don’t find it very strange that I feel I have to use my vacation to even be finished with my project on time.

Today I also could’ve met a potential friend, but chickened out. I’m a chicken. I’m a coward. I make chicken sounds. It sucks. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller.

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