You give me fever

I was on a nice flow yesterday, hacking NetBeans code, and actually learning a few things. Suddenly, the compiler starts complaining about me using deprecated methods in my code and compiling even the smallest files took for ever. A quick look at JavaDocs told me that the methods weren’t deprecated at all, so I thought that NetBeans had probably fucked up somewhere along the way. A reinstall would probably fix it. But reinstalling spanned an even greater problem. Every time I closed NetBeans now, my computer locked up, and I had to restart it to get it running again. When NetBeans was restarted, it returned all kinds of error messages and a couple of files were gone. Annoying. After installing the latest versions of the Java SDK and NetBeans about a thousand times, clearing every reference in the registry, then reinstalling another thousand times, I decided to do do a clean install of Windows. It needs that some times.

After that was done, I found the problem. Either J2SE 1.4.1 or NetBeans 3.4.1 doesn’t like my ATI display adapter drivers. Without the drivers installed, everything worked like a charm, with the drivers installed, the problem returned. The previous versions of J2SE and NetBeans work with my ATI drivers, so I’ll think I’ll just stick those old versions.

Today I woke up with a slight fever. Great…


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