You gotta go there to come back

It’s Sunday, in case you haven’t noticed. As usual I got up a little to early, and I’m tired tired now. Terje and Kaspar’s birthday party was a good party, I can’t remember having done anything noticeably stupid, meaning that I’m not scared when my phone rings. Actually, it hasn’t rung all day, and that might be a bad sign. Maybe I did open my mouth and said something stupid or put my hands were they aren’t supposed to be. A lot of people took pictures with my camera, and about 60+ pictures were taken. It was a lot of crap, but I’ve selected some of the semi-good ones for you and made really poor comments on every picture, as usual. I’m not going to upload them tonight, because uploading 28 pictures and thumbnails on a ~1 kilobyte per second mobile phone modem will take some time and probably cost me a day’s worth of salary. I’ll do it tomorrow after work, instead. In the meantime, you can have a look at some older pictures.

Since my two month contract with NRK expires on the 15th of August, I’m still looking for work. Today I went to the office to surf the Net for job openings, and I found two I might apply to. I can’t remember exactly what kind of work it was, and I can’t bother to look at my notes, so I’m not sure why I’m telling you this. I also took the liberty to do some work while I was there, fixing some statistics output pages and some other minor details.

There really is nothing to write today. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t write unless you have something to write about, and I guess that’s true.


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