It’s been awfully quiet here at for the last couple of days. But in Real LifeTM, a lot of things have been going on. I won’t walk you through the details - because I know you really can’t be bothered to hear them - but the essence of everything is that I’m once again, after a nine months break, back playing for the singles team. A semi-unexpected turn of events this time is that she was the one who broke up with me. But I had it coming. I’ve not been the best of boyfriends, and there is a very good reason for that. I guess I’d lost the mojo, and when she didn’t get enough affection, she lost her mojo, too.

Bad Mojo was the tile of a screen play I once wrote. I wonder if I’ve still got it laying around somewhere.

I’m doing much better now than the two other times we’ve broken up, so this time you hopefully won’t be bothered with endless entries like Being a bit sentimental for a moment, I’m sentimental. Bear with me, it’s late and My final wail.

So, this is basically the reason why I haven’t felt like posting anything.

After I came home from my uncle’s funreal on Friday, I went out and bought an Xbox, an extra controller and Burnout 3: Takedown (Flash warning). It’s a great game, great fun and a great way to keep my mind of the ex-girlfriend. I played for six hours straight. Another reason why I’m doing much better now than the last time we broke up, is that I’m not living alone like I did then, but with people I can talk with. And I it helps a lot.

A lot of people have shown their support. My friends generally kick ass.