Your First Year, 2nd Edition

Dear Hedda.

You’ve miraculously made it 12 months, and it’s time to write this letter to you. Your sister got the same service, and to avoid any outcries when you’re old enough to understand English, I’m writing this for you, too. Of course I am. Just like with your birth story, also known as The Story With Too Much Information. Note, however, that you’re getting your open letter weeks before your older sister got hers.

We named you Hedda after one of the characters in the story A Day With the Animal Mechanics. Your sister demanded to read it every night before bedtime for four weeks straight, and so the name stuck with us1. A more English-sounding name probably would have been better, but you’ll be all right. There have been several famous Heddas through time. Even an asteroid.

You’ll always be compared to your sister. That’s the life of a second born. So it’s interesting to see how very, very different you are, and reading through the letter I wrote to your sister show just how much. The future with both of you will be a hoot, to put it that way.

To keep this open letter at a reasonable length, here are a few bullet points from your first year:

12 Months of Highlights

The Photo

When I wrote the letter to you sister three years ago, I made a point of pulling out the least successful photo we had of her. I still laugh at that photo. In your case, however, I couldn’t find a picture like that. It’s not because we take less photos of you, neither are you any more photogenic than your sister. That’s my fault, by the way.

But we can’t end this without a picture of you. So here’s a self-portrait you took a little while back using my cellphone.

A toddler taking a selfie, looking very excited! She is half in-frame, and the picture is upside down.

Lots of love, your proud father

  1. The character is a male called Dylan in the original, English version, so we’ll have to thank the translator for your lovely name. ↩︎


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