You’re not working here

I’m not going to talk about 9/11. Other people do that.

One and a half month’s worth of salary was transferred to my account today. Or so I thought. I had only received about $300, which is not even close to what I should’ve got. I called the payroll office and asked them why. It turns out I really don’t work at NRK any more, and haven’t done that since August 15. According to them I’ve been working for free for almost a month. Yay for that. Naturally, I told them that I still work here, and they’ll hopefully transfer the rest of the money soon.

Camilla is pursuing new ways of earning money while she’s studying. Not long ago she quit her job at the meat-plant - a very clever career move if you ask me, but you probably don’t - and got a job at one of the theaters in Trondheim instead. And just recently she decided to start as a nude model for a local art class. I’ll say! I’m considering taking painting lessons. No, Klas, I’m not telling you where you sign up.

A few days after I moved into the new apartment (it’s really just a room, but who cares), I ordered an Internet connection. Today someone from the phone company was supposed to come to the apartment and install the modem, but I’m pretty sure no one came. I should’ve received a letter confirming the order and I’ve not seen a letter yet. Last week they called and wanted to check all the data in the order because something was a little strange. Exactly what was strange they couldn’t tell and all the data was correct. So now I guess I’m in the back of the order queue once more, meaning that I won’t have an Internet connection at home until late September or early October. Oh, well…


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