WordPress LogoYes, I’m finally on WordPress. It was about as much work as I’d feared and I’m really not sure if it was worth it. The EVE Online character sheet I’d made had to go, along with the gallery, the features section and some other stuff I can’t remember right now.

Most of the coding was related to handling the database. My database design was a bit different from the one WordPress uses and since I decided to merge the Moblog with the regular posts, most of the IDs were bounced around, breaking the internal links I had between posts. But that was nothing a small PHP script couldn’t manage. In the end I made a script that converted everything in my old database to a WordPress export file, which I then imported into the new database. After a couple of tries, I was able to convince the importer it was working on a genuine WordPress XML file.

What I used most time on was probably finding a theme I liked. Making a WordPress theme is not that hard, which means there are tons and tons of crappy themes out there. After looking at thousands of themes, I found this one, a theme I liked a lot when I first saw it, but now it has turned a bit boring.

Anyway, I’m now finally on WordPress and perhaps even back on the blog wagon?