Ah, the joy of Christmas. A couple of days off was good, even though I didn’t really get any time off. I was back at work today, cleaning our old office to get it ready for the next renter, who will move in on the first of January. I’m not sure if I’m going to miss our old office. Probably not. It was nice, bright and modern, but it was hard to get any real work done there with people talking on the phone and having meetings in the same office space as I was trying to code.

Christmas day came and went, no surprise there. I spent the weekend at my parents place with one of my sisters. The other one - the one with a son - stayed with her boyfriend’s family this year, they’ll stay with the other family every other year. Maybe the best thing is to bring both families together for Christmas eve. A huge, jolly crowd.

The size of the pile of presents drastically decrease as you get older, and this year was no exception. I got a couple of practical things, but the best present was without doubt one of the two I got from The Girlfriend. Being a rather talented singer/songwriter - yeah, really - she’d actually written a song to me. Come to think about it, it’s probably the best present I ever got. Can it be more personal than that? I think not. Truly excellent.

If you’re a regular reader you might have started to wonder why there has been no mentioning of The Girlfriend lately. Have no fear, things are going swell, but I’m not sure how comfortable she is with being a part of this site, even if she is well hidden behind “The Girlfriend”. This creates somewhat of a challenge for me, since my life consists of only two tings on a day-to-day basis - her and work. And I’m pretty sure you’re not that interested in reading about all the shit I’m going through at work.

And now I’m off to fine-tune our monitoring system. Yippee-cay-ay!


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