The late evening geekiness continues.

Yesterday Mydoom.M appeared. It spread rapidly, but not fast enough for F-Secure to make it a Level 1 threat like I thought they would. The worm carried a backdoor, which wasn’t really used for anything. Today the reason for this backdoor was revealed, when a new network worm started spreading; Zindos spreads through the backdoor planted by Mydoom.M, and has launched a DDoS attack at our friends in Redmond. Every Zindos-infected machines will try to download the Microsoft front page every 50th millisecond, in an attempt to take down the servers. So far it doesn’t look like Microsoft is having any notable troubles.

This is a two-stage attack, very clever. Unfortunately - for the worm author - it doesn’t look like Mydoom.M was able to infect enough system to make the Zindos attack effective. What we need is a little bit of corporation among the worm and virus authors.

I still haven’t bought a new TV after my old one died on me a while back. I want a thirty two inch wide screen or more, but all the TVs I’ve seen are fucking huge, and they come with a lot of stuff that I really don’t need; Teletext (I’ve got the Internet), loudspeakers (I’ve got a great Hi-Fi rig I’m using), TV tuner (I’ll get a tuner box from my cable company) and so on. I concluded that the TV I wanted really was a projector, but I don’t have any good walls to point it at right now. So I might as well wait, by the time I live somewhere I can use it, the prices have probably halved anyway.

I had my second trip of the year to Sognsvann today. And tonight I’ll sleep like a baby.

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